Product Offering
Product Offering

The Fichet-Bauche products provide you with the highest levels of protection certified according to the international standards.

Design considerations of the Fichet-Bauche brand guarantees that you also benefit from products that are aesthetic. Each functional aspect – from the door’s hinges to the handle, or from the lock to how it is mounted – is ergonomically designed to make it as pleasant to use as possible.

We provide Supply and installation of high quality safe keeping products like vault rooms, vault doors, fire resistant and anti burglary safes and filing cabinets.

Our Products

​Ergonomic, stylish, customisable: Fichet-Bauche burglary safes offer you much more than best-in-class protection against theft.

Domestic burglaries occur every second around the world. Burglaries at businesses are also increasingly on the rise. As a result, you want to ensure that your most theft-prone items enjoy the protection offered by the most high-quality safes on the market today.

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An optimised workflow and reduced risk of robbery are just the beginning: Fichet-Bauche’s deposit safes take your cash-management processes to the next level.

For small businesses, banks and retail outlets, cash management can be time-consuming and costly. It also increases the threat of armed robberies. As a result, business owners and managers are increasingly looking to protect their staff from robbery while optimising in-store cash-handling processes.

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An important investment to secure your irreplaceable documents and data media: Fichet-Bauche’s fire safes deliver the very best in fire protection on the market today.

Every year, thousands of businesses are victims of fire, which costs a lot in damage. And companies eventually go out of business. Since your important paper documents and digital media are particularly vulnerable to the threat of fire, a fire protection solution could be one of the most important investments you make.

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To ensure that a safe, a vault or a door can deliver a certain level of graded protection, it must be fitted with a locking system which matches that specific standard.

The Fichet-Bauche brand is associated to a long expertise of lock manufacturing that combines ergonomics, design and patented security technology to offer graded resistance.

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Simplified transport, assembly and installation for your most hard-to-reach or atypical locations: Fichet-Bauche’s modular safes combine the flexibility you want with the high level of security you need.

Many organisations choose to secure their valuables in a highly reliable location. However, as buildings vary in size, traditional security solutions are sometimes unable to adapt to specific space and weight constraints. And even if they can, these solutions often lack the rigorous security standards you need for optimal peace of mind.

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Elegance meets a user-friendly approach to high security for personal valuables: Fichet-Bauche’s safe deposit lockers deliver an unrivalled user experience.

Many bank customers rely on safe deposit lockers to protect their valuable possessions, including gemstones, family heirlooms, wills, property deeds, and other confidential documents, from theft. But they also want ultra-secure and private access to their valuables in an easy-to-use and convenient solution.

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Storage Cabinets

The best in adaptability, accessibility and performance in one highly organised solution: Fichet-Bauche’s storage cabinets are at the front line of a streamlined and secure workplace.

Most organisations understand that sensitive business documents, including employee records and archives, must be kept secure and confidential. But many of these documents are often critical to day-to-day operations so the ideal security storage solution must also be convenient and easy to use.

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The highest line of defence against even the most sophisticated attacks: Fichet-Bauche’s vaults and vault doors incorporate the best anti-theft technologies on the market today.

A vault is an organisation’s highest line of defence against burglary. Unlike traditional safes, it forms an integral part of the building in which it is built. But as thieves continuously develop ever-more sophisticated attack tools, today’s vaults must be regularly reinforced to ensure protection to the highest international security standards.

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