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Who are we?

Comexter Ltd. is a part of Al Mazroa Group holding which has different companies working in different kinds of business (i.e real estate, general trading, constructions, industries etc.). Comexter Ltd has a specialized team of technical staff, including mechanical engineers, electronical engineers & Technicians highly qualified professionals using  the most modern tools, equipment and machines i.e. defect analyses and bank security systems.

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What we do?

We supply and install of high quality safe keeping products like vault rooms, vault doors, fire resistant and anti burglary safes and filing cabinets.

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ECB-S LABELLED - The Most Stringent Fire Proof Test in Europe
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Test Procedures-11
  • Furnace pre heated up till 1050 degree.
  • Move the safe into the furnace.
  • Thermal explosion resulting from the difference of Temperature.
  • Keep the safe into the furnace for 45 minutes.
  • After 45 minutes safe will be removed from the furnace and dropped from a 9.15 meter height (As Building Collapse) on a solid concrete floor.
  • The safe placed again within the 1050 degrees.
  • After all this the furnace heat will be stopped.
  • Safe will be kept in inside till the temperature goes back to normal. this will take 14 to 15 hours.
  • Some of the metal fitting on the external door melted.
  • But the contents and interiors remained perfectly intact.
  • The internal temperature peak up till 170 degrees for the paper safe and 50 degrees for the media safe.
  • These temperatures are well below the paper tolerance of 177 degrees and media tolerance of 55 degree Celsius.
Our Products
Burglary safes
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Deposit Safes
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Filing Cabinets
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Modular Safes
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Storage Cabinets